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We are a small team of hardware enthusiasts from Bulgaria. We love dealing with computer hardware, build and design custom solutions by customers request. Of course, we have a software development team, who writes software in order for all this hardware to work.

This site offers a photogrammetry cloud computing, which is the process for generating computer models from imagery.

We do our best, based on all the information we have and hardware we use, to make our service with the best price/performance ratio. With multiple suppliers worldwide, we are able to get the best hardware for our customers needs at the lowest prices and by doing so to offer our service at the lowest price ranges possible. And in addition to that with our custom builds and solutions, we are able to offer a service that is multiple times lower than any other cloud provider. And because of this, we give $50 to every newly open and verified account, so you can put our statement to the test.

There is no hard price per model. This is simply because there is no way how to determine price of each model uploaded to our photogrammetry cloud computing service. When a model is submitted and our nodes start to compute it, we deduct the corresponding amount from your balance for the time it took a computing node to work on your model on every (time) minutes. There are certain detail quality settings that can form that price – these are the presets in our control panel. For example, for one and the same scan, if rendered on highest quality can take up to 20-30 times the resources needed to render the same model on lower quality – and respectively the price will grow. Each started render job is initially billed $1, no matter if you abort or finish it.

For our photogrammetry cloud computing service, we use blade servers from different vendors but all are equipped with Xeon E5 processors. Because photogrametry may require a lot of system memory (RAM) all nodes have 128 GB memory – we found out that for very high settings this is the minimum that can work. If you require more memory per node please contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs. Regarding the GPUs installed, we use a variety of Nvidia graphic cards.

Set up an account for free and you get $20 of free starting bonus, so can see for yourself  how long will take and what will be the output for your model, its given so you can rest assured for performance and pricing of our photogrammetry cloud service.

After you spend the initial starting bonus you can add more to your account, using your preferred payment method.