When you use a cloud provider (Amazon, Google, Microsoft) you pay for:

  • Storage - for storing the input and output of your projects
  • Computing - to calculate the mesh and texture of the 3d model.
  • Networking - traffic for upload and download of your files.
  • Other - different extra cost depending on your workflow and needs

What our computation service provide?

Dedicated photogrammetry cloud computing service at the lowest price possible. Whether you are a big company or an individual, our photogrammetry cloud service is perfectly optimized for you.

Other advantages we have over traditional cloud service:

  • Predictable billing. Each of our servers has an exact cost per hour and that's what we bill. No extra costs.
    No hidden fees.
  • Prepaid service. No surprisingly insane monthly bills.
  • Simple, easy to use and understand web interface, that can be utilized by any non professional. No need to dedicate an IT person to manage your servers.
  • Computing GPU/CPU servers dedicated to our photogrammetry service, optimized for prolonged maximum load.

Why MaxCloudon Service?

Easy to use interface

Our interface is simple, there is no need to spend additional time to figure out a bunch of settings.

Fast Service​

After you upload your imagery and set your settings for the rendering process, our servers starts right way.

Low Price Service

Here we will charge you ONLY for the 3D model that's generated from your imagery, nothing else.