The Best Photogrammetry Software – 2019

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Photogrammetry software review, thoughts and considerations before involving in photogrammetry

In this article we will review a few basic concepts regarding photogrammetry processing software.

What is photogrammetry and what are it’s appliances?

Photogrammetry is the science of making a measurement which are made from different type of photographs or pictures. This method is uses the parallax obtained between several pictures, made from different perspective. It can be used to record complex 2D and 3D motions. The best way it can be described is with the binocular human vision. Basically, every eye has it’s own point of view and when looking at an object in the space each eye measures between it and every point on the object. Afterwards this data is transferred to the brain, where it’s overlaid (when looking with 2 eyes you don’t see 2 point of views), the result is that you see one 3d image. Similarly, the process of photogrammetry collects the data regarding the shape, the volume, depth of a subject. After that this data can be used for recreating this model in digital environment. If we continue to follow the logic, this means that each and every object, which can be photographed (or scanned, because it can be done by laser, too) properly, can be transferred into digital model. These models can be used for whatever purposes needed – from creating topographical maps to models that can be 3d printed, used as models in movie and game industry and so on.

How does photogrammetry work?

Photogrammetry works by extracting the geometric information of a two dimensional image, which represents the two eyes of a human. In order to improve the accuracy, we will need more “eyes”, which transferred to our case means more points of view. All that said, as many photos we can get of an object, the more accurate result we will get.
Photogrammetry is the process used to create the digital 3D model of an object – area, place, location and pretty much anything that exists in the real world. Indeed, it is possible to make the 3D model of an object with several pictures of this object, ingeniously taken from different points of view, in order to get a complete representation of the object.

Photogrammetry in your hand

For this, you don’t necessarily need to use a 3D scanner – a simple smartphone, a tablet or a good camera can be used.
But the accuracy of the completed model mostly depends on the quality, angle and count of the photographs. If the count of the images is sufficient and is made from proportional angle and appropriate lighting, the photogrammetry result can be very good.

Deeper analysis of photogrammetry computing

So far, we have mentioned that using a set of images, we can extract geographical positions from them. Plain as it sounds, the processes could be rather computing intensive. Of course, you can do this on your laptop, personal computer. But the most accurate result you are after, the more complex hardware you will need. For large area photogrammetry recreations or very high detail scans, you might need hundreds of processors and tens of thousands of gigabytes of RAM if you want your scan completed in your lifetime. The process is gathering all the points from an image, combining it with the points extracted from every other image from your scan and with the predefined algorithm every photogrammetry software has to create the digital 3D model of your scan.
Usually, when you want something to be computed, it’s mostly a matter of waiting – day, week, month, etc. But this is not the case always. If your PC or laptop doesn’t have enough memory that photogrammetry scan requires – you might not be able to finish the process at all. And this is where our photogrammetry power cloud computing service comes in. We have all in store for you if you want your scans fast and easy, just for a fraction of the actual price.

What are the best photogrammetry software tools?

While choosing a photogrammetry priocessing software, you will have plenty of options. You will have to choose your software regarding your expectations: Do you need to upload several images? Do you want to focus on aerial images? Are you experienced? Do you want to try photogrammetry for the first time with a free software? Let’s see what is the best solution for you!

MaxCloudOn Photogrammetry Cloud Service

MaxCloudOn Photogrammetry Cloud Service is an independent cloud platform for photogrammetry processing, which includes both software and hardware parts in order to generate photorealistic computer generated 3d models. It gives the user professional tools, which – if used properly – will compute photorealistic 3d models from the images provided. In combination with the cloud infrastructure, which basically gives you access to a very large amount of computing processing hardware, it gives you blazingly fast speeds when generating your 3d models. With all that said about MaxCloudOn Photogrammetry Cloud Service, makes it is literally the best photogrammetry software for processing 3d scans. You wouldn’t need to worry about your workstation’s hardware specs, if you’ll need faster CPU or graphic card, more system RAM, etc. What you’ll need is the images of the models of which you’ll need to generate 3d models and a free registration. Each one comes with $20 free trial to check and test how our service works. Following this link will show you a demonstration video of the functionality of how MaxCloudOn Photogrammetry Cloud Service works. You can register here.

Agisoft PhotoScan (now known as Metashape)

Agisoft Photoscan is a stand-alone software. This software offers many interesting features like photogrammetric triangulation, point cloud data, measurements for distances, volumes and areas, 3D model generation and textures, for example.
It appears to be a complete software, useful for various applications. You will have to choose between the professional version and the standard version. The standard edition is still quite complete, you will get all the basic software tools that you need! It is one of the most used photogrammetry software tools.

3DF Zephyr Free

Here is the free version of the software 3DF Zephyr, a very complete and efficient software for photogrammetry processing. It could be the best solution if you are just beginning with this 3D processing and you need to learn with a great software. This free version of 3DF Zephyr is offering all the 3D reconstruction tools and basic editing tools, but you can use only 50 photos of your object, that’s pretty much what you will need as a beginner.


Colmap is Structure-from-Motion (SFM) and Multi-View Stereo (MVS) pipeline.Can be used with its graphical user interface, or with its command line interface. You can choose what is more convenient for you. Developers provides you access on all the basic tools needed to create a 3D model using photographs.

Autodesk ReCap Pro

Autodesk ReCap (previously known Autodesk ReMake) is a reality capture software developed by Autodesk, allowing to create really accurate 3D models using reality captures. You can access advanced photogrammetry possibilities such as aerial photogrammetry, you can measure and edit point cloud data. With Autodesk ReCap you can also access a wide range of tools and, for instance, clean the unwanted objects to work more specifically on a precise object!

Photomodeler Pro 5

Photomodeler Pro 5 is not a stand-alone solution, it is a plugin available with the 3D modeling software Rhino. If you are using this advanced 3D software, this plugin could be the perfect solution as you could access all your tools with only one program. Thanks to Photomodeler Pro 5, you will be able to create realistic and accurate models from pictures.


RealityCapture is a fully-featured application with a rich easy-to-use UI, maybe the the one thing that make it different from the other software on this list is the speed of processing the images, which is accomplished by the algorithm it uses, that gives it a bit more advantage in front of the others because it process fast no matter what is you machine hardware specification.


This is just a short and brief article, which mostly tried to cover bases of photogrammetry processing and we just pointed a few of the most known software. The way they work is mostly one and the same, you should pick by your consideration and taste. But keeping all things mentioned in this article, you would be able to make much more educated guess. Whatever you decide to use as software, you should firstly consider all the things that you are going to do, all the hardware you are going to use, the licencing you will be going to need/purchase in order to do your photogrammetry processing at your location. At first glance it does not look so scary but when you define your targets and sit with a pen to make a bill, you might be frightened. What we offer you is, to make your photogrammetry processing with our cloud service which will save you time and hassle with lots of stuff and in the same time you’ll get your 3D scanned models in a very timely fashion at a fraction of the price. We also give you $20 sign up bonus to test our service. All you have to do is register to try. Bonus is received after confirming your email and mobile.